March 13, 2014

Prostitution and the Nordic Model

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Prostitution and the Nordic Model

Please read Tessa Littlejohn's article "Modern-Day Wilberforce" published at BreakPoint, March 13, 2014, and please contact your Member of Parliament and sign the online petition. (Image below is from Tessa Littlejohn's article.)


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Hendrik van der Breggen said...

Update (June 2014): I think Canada's new prostitution legislation promotes a good balance between justice and mercy. Here's my summary of Canada's model for handling prostitution: Prostitution is a form of violence against the vulnerable (especially women and children); prostitution per se will remain legal (i.e., we're not going to punish the vulnerable); instead we will weaken the demand for prostitution by criminalizing the purchase of sex (the johns) and the management of the sex industry (the pimps and traffickers); plus we will help the vulnerable via prevention and exit strategies. (This looks very much like a Canadian version of the Nordic model, which has a good record.)

For more details, see Canada's Minister of Justice Peter MacKay's statement.

And here is some helpful discussion between Lorna Dueck and Member of Parliament Joy Smith.